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Everyone was super nice and the funeral home was very beautiful! The only thing that I did not like; my nanny did not look like herself. She was beautiful but I felt that you all should have went by the photos of her that was given to you all. The only reason I knew it was her is because I have been around her so much that I know certain marks and traits. It makes it harder to process when your looking at someone you have been around your whole life and you almost don't even recognize them. Also you all could have chosen better music to play on the slide show that was playing. Again everyone there that day of the service was very nice.
~ Bobbie   B. - 2/2/2020

Everything was perfect. Heather made us feel very comfortable and like family. She really made the process very easy. The service was wonderful and the funeral arrangements and vases were beautifully displayed. We all feel the memorial service was very well done for our mother. 
~ Lucy   M. - 1/7/2020

Having attended other services at your New Albany facility, I knew our family could expect a top-notch service in all areas. We were more than pleased with every item and service. Thanks again to Eric and his team!
~ Paul   L. - 1/2/2020

Chandra was most helpful. We are very well satisfied with everyone and everythings. All were very courteous, friendly, thoughtful and caring people. 
~ Linda   D. - 12/27/2019

Everyone went above and beyond to make the situation easy and all went great. The preacher was interesting...but really good looking!
~ James   G. - 12/23/2019

Matt was outstanding and very caring. Everything went smoothly and it couldn't have been more perfect. 
~ Sherry   B. - 12/20/2019

Losing our Mom was so hard and emotional, Jim made us feel like family. We are extremely satisfied. Losing a loved one and never had planned a funeral was so scary and emotional. Everyone, esp Jim made us feel so comfortable and everything was so nice for our service. 
~ Pam   M. - 12/18/2019

Our family could not have been more pleased with the services provided to us in our time of need. We followed our mother's wishes to have a simple cremation. The funeral home treated us with all the dignity and respect we could imagine. We were never rushed or pressured to buy and despite the simplicity of our needs the funeral home treated us as if we were the most important customer they had. We highly recommend!
~ Walter   A. - 12/3/2019

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