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My family and I were thoroughly impressed with every aspect of the services provided, and I have already informed my adult children that I want a similar service when it's time. Bobbi was very helpful and knowledgeable when scheduling the service.
~ Mike   R. - 5/2/2019

My family and I were very satisfied with the service from Newcomer. I especially appreciated that you did not try to push any extras on us. You respected our wishes and even though we did not have an expensive funeral, it was very nice and exactly as my loved ones wanted. Eric was very welcoming and knowledgeable about the entire process and wrote an excellent obituary.
~ Lori   G. - 4/24/2019

The services provided at Newcomer went beyond our expectations. The facility was modern and not depressing like the other sites that I visited. Jim was extremely helpful and kind. 
~ Elizabeth   J. - 4/19/2019

We didn't have any preplanned arrangements with any funeral home. With the help of Hospice, the call was made to Newcomer the day Dad died. Within a couple of hours he was picked up and Cody call to set up an appointment. The total ease of last minute planning with Cody surrounding the cremation could not have been any better. He was fabulous and explained everything fully. We were totally unaware of what Veterans benefits were offered until Cody informed us. We were so appreciative of all his guidance!
~ Doris   M. - 4/16/2019

So impressed with David and Barry, an amazing team who helped put together a beautiful service for my husband. They are both calm, compassionate and sensitive to the family while being very professional and detail oriented.
~ Valerie   W. - 4/8/2019

Extremely pleased at a very, very difficult time. Ryan gave great concern and patience for our needs. He made outstanding recommendations and stayed in contact with my daughter about any concerns.
~ Denise   W. - 4/5/2019

Everyone has been great. The passing of my mother was very hard for myself and our family, and you made sure we were well taken care of. Mary was amazing to my family and our needs. Thank you so much.
~ Ashley   B. - 4/4/2019

Fantastic service and attention. Bobbi treated me as if I was the only family while extremely busy and respected my requests. I am constantly praising your funeral home.
~ Jerral   B. - 4/2/2019

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