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Considering how difficult a time it was, Sarah & the staff did an excellent job of making it as easy as possible for me as they could.
~ Jeff   L. - 9/18/2018

Our family was 100% happy with the arrangements for our son. From the moment we met Jim Hill he was outstanding and could not have been more accurate on our needs.
~ Edward & Donna   M. - 8/29/2018

My family had a quality experience at Newcomer even during a difficult time. We were treated with kindness, compassion and professional care.
~ Lisa   W. - 8/27/2018

Andy Potts and your staff were very friendly and helpful. I don't know what you could do to improve your service.
~ Tom   W. - 8/20/2018

Newcomer has the most hospitable employees that I could have done business with. They go above and beyond to make a sad experience more relaxing and easier to get through. They took all of the work off the family and allow you to have extra peace. I am eternally thankful.
~ Fronchesca   K. - 7/9/2018

You all were fantastic from our first step inside your door. I can think of no other way you could possibly have made a difficult situation any better than what each of you tried to do. Danny was so pleasant, friendly & knowledgeable. Mary was so sweet, kind & understanding. As a family we would like to thank the whole staff for your concern, knowledge, courtesy & hospitality.
~ Debbie   N. - 6/25/2018

Cody & Jim were fantastic. Cody made me aware of benefits I didn't know existed. Thank you for making it so much easier.
~ Traci   W. - 6/21/2018

I want to thank Newcomer Funeral Home in Southern Indiana. Everyone was good to me and my Family in my time of Sorrow. I want to thank Eric W. Simpson the Funeral Director. He was so kind to me and my brothers on the Death of my Mother Darlene Mcintyre. They put my mother away so nice and she was beautiful. Everything I asked for they gave it to me. I will let everyone know that has a love one pass to go to Newcomer's Funeral Home they will get wonderful and professional service. God was in the Plan to find this place for me, to send my mother to her resting place. God bless Newcomer's Funeral Home.
~ Lisa   M. - 6/1/2018

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