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The staff was very kind and displayed a sweet, genuine aura of sympathy for others. They were was great to talk to and very sincere. 
~ Marcus   F. - 7/13/2020

My husband's funeral was somewhat restricted due to Coronavirus quarantine but in spite of all that, I was pleased by his services. 
~ Florence   R. - 7/10/2020

The Funeral Director's showing of empathy was very comforting. He was extremely helpful and went beyond the call of duty! Everything was handled in a very professional manner. Don't hope to see you soon but when the time comes Newcomer will be my first and only call! Many thanks!

~ Donald   G. - 6/23/2020

The Funeral Director was so to the point on everything. He really helped me through a rough time. The staff helped me a lot and was outstanding in getting things done for me.  
~ Melissa   B. - 6/17/2020

David and Heather were very attentive. My family and I had a rough start on our journey. Both stepped in to help and smoothed out the rough patches. I greatly appreciate everything. I am overjoyed with the outcome of my fathers funeral arrangements. My friends have used Newcomer in the past and the funeral home came highly recommended. I am so happy we brought my father to Newcomer. Your staff is compassionate and treated us like family. We are at a loss of words and in the unforeseen event another family member passes away I will definitely use Newcomer! Many of my friends have used your funeral home. This was my first time using Newcomer, I highly recommend. 

~ Izegbea   C. - 6/9/2020

Very attentive to our needs with compassionand made sure we were satisfied and understood each step of the process. We highly recommend Newcomer.

~ Sheron   M. - 6/8/2020

Very satisfied with all the staff and the knowledge they provided me, thank you so much. You all made it easy for me to come in. Everyone was really nice and concerned with my needs.
~ Donna   B. - 6/8/2020

From my first conversation with Dave to my first conversation with Steve to my final trip to pick up my mom's remains, Newcomer treated my family with loving care. Your team went above and beyond in taking care of us. Thank you! My family was very pleased with the service and attention to detail provided us by the staff at Newcomer. 

~ Robin   S. - 6/5/2020

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