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Awesome employees, awesome place and awesome service. 
~ Dorothy   B. - 8/23/2017
I was pleased with the service for my dads funeral. He looked wonderful and at peace. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
~ Sue   B. - 8/23/2017
Jim Hill and Kenny Gowers were both wonderful in wanting to make sure everything was perfect. I can't think of anything that could have been improved on. 
~ Tom   B. - 8/23/2017
John Wilson seemed to know what I was going to ask before I did- also had a way of lighting the mood up so I could be strong. John made it perfect and easy, so we could say our goodbyes "without distractions". 
~ Lorraine   F. - 8/23/2017
Newcomer Provides the best care and service during a life-changing event. A heartache can be faced with support and kindness from others, like those at Newcomer. Cody Shafer- sincere, calm. What a great young man!
~ Shantel   B. - 7/18/2017
My family was extremely satisfied with everything that Newcomer Funeral homes did for us. We had told several friends and family here and out of state about you. You made my Dad's homecoming transition service beautiful, class and fun like him. 
~ Crystal   B. - 7/18/2017
The quality of service was the very best I could ever imagine. I wouldn't know of anything you could do to improve service. I have been to several services at this facility and they have all been of high quality with arrangements and family and friends feelings. 
~ Robbie   H. - 7/18/2017
Mr. John Wilson was wonderful to us. Mr. Wilson made me and my family feel comfortable and very caring. Very pleased with Mr. Wilson, Bill and Leslie on all the help they provided and compassion showed to us. Thank you, God Bless. 
~ Lisa   W. - 7/18/2017

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